Why Do You Need App Development Services?

School Management System provides the best solutions for all the school needs. a company which has been doing software development jobs over a decade and satisfying the customers over the globe since long. A School is an organization having large amount of data resources spread up in all directions in form of clerks, teachers, students, staff and so on and wants to provide best of the facilities to its students efficiently and in a best manner. School Management System is especially designed for the School people by our team to make functioning of school administration and management work of an institute effortless and easy which is carried out on a daily basis. School Management System is an easy and simple to use software that makes daily routine work hassle-free and accurate.


Admin Module

Characteristics of Admin Module

  • Admin User can Add & View Class Time Table to Every Class
  • Admin User can Add & Review Home Work Class Wise
  • Admin User can Give & Show Remarks List to Every Class
  • Admin can able to do Add and View Worksheet for Every Class Student
  • Admin Fill Attendance and Review Attendance Report For Every Class Students
  • Admin User can Manage Holidays As per Calender Year
  • Admin User add & View All Notice by Notice Board
  • All School Events View by Admin User
  • Using Admin Panel User Manage Fees Module
  • School Management System Provide Library Management
  • Admin Can easy to Manage Exam Manangement like Manage Exam Schdules, Marks And Other Managements
  • Admin User have Faculties Management
  • Admin User Communication with Every Parents using Chat Opetion
  • Admin can review All Students leave Request using Leave Management
  • Admin User can Manage Own Profile.

Faculty Module

We Providen Following Features for Faculty Login

  • Faculties can Manage Own Class Students Attendance
  • Faculties can Manage Own Class Students Homework
  • Faculties can Give Remarks to Own Class Students
  • Faculties can Manage Worksheet using for Students
  • Faculties can Add Exam Result for Own Class Students
  • Faculties can View Own Timetable Day Wise
  • Faculties can Manage Profile using Admin Panel

Parent Module

Admin List Title

  • Parents/Student Can View & Manage Children
  • Parents/Student Can Review Student Attendance Report
  • Parents/Student Can Quick View Student Timetable Day Wise
  • Student Can View Own Exam Schedule & Review Marks
  • Parents/Student View Remarks for Own Class
  • Parents Can Quick Review Own Child Notice
  • Parents easly View his/her child Homework.
  • Parent Can Review his/her child Exam Result
  • Parent can View & Download Worksheet for child
  • Parent/Student can View Library book Issue report
  • Parent can View Fee Details for his/her child
  • Parent can show school events details
  • Parent can able to Communicate With Admin using chat option
  • Parent can View Meal Menu for all Days of weeks
  • Gallery is provide all school images events name wise